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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered My log is full of 404 errors pointing to This css file is actucally found in I cannot find where this file is being called from to correct the small error… more »

Feb 11, 2008 05:49  
My b2evolution Version: 2.4 I think I've got a problem with Tags. I became aware of it when installing RealTagClound. When I click on one of the Tags at the end of the post I'm directed to index.php but the tags are not displayed, just the default page… more »

Feb 25, 2008 00:48  
This is part of a message I got from Amazon: We are writing to remind you that the Amazon E-Commerce Web Service 3.0 is scheduled to be deprecated on March, 31 2008. Our monitoring indicates that your associate tag is being passed into calls to Amazon… more »

Nov 13, 2010 07:14  
Bonjour à tous ! J'ai installé le plugin AVATAR (avec la version 1.10.2 de B2evo) mais je ne trouve pas l'interface de gestion des avatars. J'ai fouillé partout, lu tous les topics, le blog de l'auteur et plusieurs autres choses encore mais vraiment, je… more »

Feb 25, 2008 23:24  
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