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Hey guys, I was going to move to 9.0.9 but noticed the bug report. So i'm going to give this preview version a shot. Question came up: Installation notes suggest deleting ALL files including skins for an upgrade from a previous version of B2E. Is this… more »

Jul 12, 2004 16:07  
Okay i don't know php or CSS but learning as i go along... I would like to put a header made in flash to replace the one shown at the top, after experimenting with the CSS and adding a few lines i got an image(.png) to display but using the same method… more »

Jul 09, 2004 00:27  
Hi! I've just installed the last version ( "Madrid") on my new starting site: because I'm starting there is almost nothing in it: I started with an original b2, and tried to upgrade from… more »

Jul 09, 2004 18:55  
Hello. I'm a newbie on b2evo and in php. I've read many posts on this forum, changing and adapting the b2evo to my taste. But still I have one question: is it possible to make a timed automatic logout? I explain it: On a PC I press the 'log in' link and… more »

Mar 17, 2005 08:36  
Where do I find or create the mySQL infromation such as mySQL password and username and database to install it. I know this probably isn't the best place to ask but well I'm sure someone will know how to do this. I'm using Cpanel if it helps. more »

Jul 01, 2004 22:14  
Here is what screwed me the whole afternoon. I am a newbie of blog. I chose b2evo blog as my first blog. I installed b2evo on my server. i setup skins. Everything seems fine. However, when i tried to post some video/audio clips on, it didnt let me.… more »

Feb 25, 2005 14:46  
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