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Auto-Upgrade from 6.8.4 to 6.8.5 failed

Started by on Jan 20, 2017 – Contents updated: Jan 23, 2017

Jan 20, 2017 21:47    

my auto-upgrade from 6.8.4 to 6.8.5 failed:

Database schema is not up to date!
The b2evolution files are present on your server, but it seems the database is not yet set up as expected.
For more information, please visit our Getting Stated / Installation Guide.
This is b2evolution version 6.8.5-stable.
You cannot use the application before you finish configuration and installation.
Database schema is not up to date!
You have schema version «12140», but we would need «12150».
Please use the installer to finish your configuration/installation now.
On most installations, the installer should be here (but I can't be sure since I have no config info available! :P)

What can I do? How to fix the problem?

Jan 21, 2017 02:49

It seems you did not click "CONTINUE" until the end of the upgrade.

Run the installation script in install/index.php. (Basically: do what the error message tells you to do).

Jan 21, 2017 06:46

I tried it: "" and press "Enter".
Unfortunately, I get an error message.

Do you need yesterday's error message by e-mail? I have saved it in a PDF.
The last lines were:
Copying "/ var / www / vhosts / .............. en / .............. en / skins_fallback_v5» ... OK.
Copying "/ var / www / vhosts // ............... en / ............... en / skins_fallback_v6» ... OK .
Then nothing happened.
".............." is my domain.

Do I now have to backup the backup-files from the "Backup" folder?
Must only the files be renewed or the database also?
How is the backup done correctly? Download, unzip, and then copy to the server?

I would like to apologize for these simple questions. I rather ask than to completely destroy something.

Jan 22, 2017 15:36

No you don't have to restore your backup for now; You should first do what I wrote in my previous messsage. If you can't because you get the message you screenshoted, rename the file ˋconf/maintenance.htmlˋ to ˋconf/imaintenance.htmlˋ.

Also, yes, please send me your PDF.

Jan 22, 2017 22:34

Your advice has helped. Thank you very much. Unfortunately, there is only the "conf/umaintenance.html" file. I renamed it to "conf/imaintenance.html".
Then "install/index.php" was called. The installation ran normally through to the end. My hompage could only start normally, after the files was renamed/deleded .

I tried to find the error. Therefore, I installed the backup in a subdomain.Then I called the automatic-update again. (With own database). Now the update installation is aborted again. Then I waited some time and then updated the page with press "F5". That was the solution. The updated page has indicated that the update has not really aborted. I suspect that only the browser (Firefox, currently version) had a timeout. Is this possible?

Jan 23, 2017 00:20

No, I think your webhost kills the installer after some time. It would help if you turned on error display on your webhost and send me a screenshot of the error when the script stops and/or if you could send me your PDF.

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