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I'm getting this across the top of our pages: Strict Standards: Declaration of starrating_plugin::GetDefaultSettings() should be compatible with that of Plugin::GetDefaultSettings() in /plugins/starrating_plugin/_starrating.plugin.php on line 368 Strict… more »

Aug 12, 2016 19:33  
An ongoing problem, over the last dozen or more versions. I usually edit the files mentioned by removing offending parts but have no idea of the real outcome. You can check out my site at and use the css validation link at… more »

Aug 11, 2016 23:07  
V 6.7.4 Can't find a way to empty system log and no luck using www or blog search. Is there a way without going to database? Am I missing the obvious? Thanks UPDATE On this subject, ease of cleaning db: I would find it useful to be able to empty… more »

Aug 05, 2016 14:08  
Hi: I'm getting the following error when saving a post (each save) MySQL error! Data too long for column 'emlog_message' at row 1(Errno=1406) It seems to be wanting to put the whole post into the email___log. What's the best way to fix this? using:… more »

Aug 09, 2016 00:43  
hi, I am dedicated to b2evolution, and I like it, but there are big problems with the rescue of the post, does not save them and not publish them. I hope you understand what it is looking at the error that place, because it is only a part along an… more »

Jun 14, 2016 01:44  
b2evo: 6.7.3 How to edit the url settings in b2evolution? Goal: Instead of: i would like to have: With TYPO3 I would modify the realurl_conf-ig file:… more »

Jun 10, 2016 00:24  
I am new to B2Evo. I tried to load a new skin (December). Followed the instruction in the docs and got everything moved over into the Skins directory on my site. When attempting to install the new skin, I see the message that it is malformed. I am… more »

May 03, 2016 08:35  
Can I turn off the url check when I write posts? I have a post with many url's in it and i'm getting the error "Cannot update, please correct these errors: * Found invalid URL: URL not allowed" I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! just for completeness… more »

Jul 20, 2005 17:04  
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