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Colorbox configuration

Started by on Aug 30, 2014 – Contents updated: Oct 15, 2014

Aug 30, 2014 18:56    


Sorry for my poor english, I'm a brazilian girl! :)

I need help to configure Colorbox.
When I post a image, for example, with 143 x 95px, I include a click for view a large size of image. It's OK!

My website is: .br/blog (note for a space in .com .br!!!!)

But, I need the controls of the Colorbox!

Next, Prev, Play, Pause and Close.

The .css and .js files are in folder rsc?
The files controls.png are in the folder images.

Thanks for the help!!!!! :D

Sep 05, 2014 05:39

Hello @lucyhar,

I would like to say you a couple of things. The first one is that the Mystique skin doesn't support Colorbox, it is shipped with Fancybox instead. So, if you look at the sample file included in mystique/resources/fancyapps/demo/index.html, you will realize how to declare the gallery and the "buttons" helper to get the play, pause, next and previous buttons working properly.

Also, in this page: (look for Extended functionality > Button helper) you will find another example that I tested myself and works as supposed. Actually, I got your own content working in my local test site (see screenshot above).

Last but not least, you need to update the Mystique skin to version 2.0.3 (, which is now supporting the "Helper" libraries of the FancyBox plugin. After that, you should go to the skin's settings page of your blog and enable the FancyBox Helper checkbox.

If you need further help with any of the topics mentioned above, please tell me.


Oct 03, 2014 01:17

Hello @mgsolipa!

Thanks for the answer of my question.
I'm trying to resolve this problem.
To update my Skin, how I do this?

Thank you so much!

Oct 03, 2014 03:34

The FancyBox worked!
I have diffuculties with the include images in post.
The button Close is appear.
And the Arrows Next and Prev too.

But the Thumbs, no.

And I substitute the Folder skin Mystique, but it affected some style changes. But I correct it, it's difficult to remember where I moved. lol


Oct 04, 2014 14:32

Hello @lucyhar,

I will split my comment in two:

1) Please, after having enabled the FancyBox Helper at the skin's settings, write a new post with the following content: That is the expected syntax to include both buttons and thumbnails.

2) There is a new version of Mystique (2.0.5). Feel free to update again whenever you want. You may check the changes log here:

Tip: regarding your customized styles, you should not modify them directly. Instead of that, you may duplicate them at the bottom of the css file, after a comment like this:


/****** Customized styles ******/
and then modify them as you want to. There are several ways to do it and this is not the optimal, but you might keep all your customizations together, so it will help you to make easier the update to new versions.

Oct 09, 2014 16:42

Hello, @mgsolipa!

Thanks for the comeback!

I visited the link with the html for the Fancybox, but I couldn't make it work still thumbnails. I'll look more calmly the script and see if it is "true" the elements of the gallery.

Already downloaded the new Skin Mystique, thanks.

I created a new Blog with success, I am customizing. But I need your final URL is "blog360.php" and "blog7.php".
How can I proceed, can you answer me right here, since the topic is my or I have to start elsewhere?
I created a Stub File "but it didn't work, I missed something. lol

Thank You.

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