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CSV upload of cities does not work

Started by on Aug 28, 2016 – Contents updated: Jul 17, 2017

Aug 28, 2016 17:53    


I'm trying to upload the UK cities in bulk (System > Regional) via a CSV file. It keeps coming back with the same error. To my untrained eye it looks like its lumping all the columns into the one postcode field. I'll post the screenshot in the comment below.

I've created the CSV with MS Excel. It's got 3 columns: fake postcode, city name, region. Here's an example: PO10 1AB, Aberdeen, SCO. There is no table header. When opened with Notepad it looks alright, i.e. the commas are there. I've tried with and without spaces behind the commas. I have set up the regions manually beforehand.

Any idea what's wrong?


Aug 31, 2016 02:59

Can you attach the CSV file so we can debug this more easily?

Why are you using fake postcodes?

Aug 31, 2016 22:20

File attached. Cheers.

The data source I used only had the city names and region codes. I just filled the postcode column so it's not empty. I don't really need the postcode, bigger cities have more than one anyway and I wouldn't want to log them serveral times. Tbh, I intend to provide users with the chance to enter their address via the respective user fields. I'm just thinking that this in-built selection of city etc. might make it easier for me (well... the IT guy) later on to create stats on where my users reside. In addition, the fields in the Identity section can't be hidden in the user profile as far as I can see. So I might as well use some of them.

Aug 31, 2016 22:23

It won't let me attache the file.

"Couldn't attach selected file:«cities.csv» has an unrecognized extension."

Sep 03, 2016 02:55

I just authorized CSV, sorry about that; can you please try again? Thanks.

Sep 22, 2016 19:45

Any progress on this one? I have tried again by entering the data differently. But it always comes back with the same error. It forces the content from all the columns into the one "post code" field and then says that the entry is too long for this field.

Oct 04, 2016 12:09

OK, that got the cities in. Thanks mgsolipa!
However, it didn't recognise the region code, which I had typed exactly as in the Regions editor, e.g. sco for Scotland. So, the cities were linked only to the country, but not the region. As long as the regions were still defined, the cities didn't appear in the drop-down of the user profile. I had to delete the regions in the editor, so that the cities become visible in the drop-down.

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