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Excerpts on front page but with thumbnailes

Started by on Feb 04, 2018 – Contents updated: Feb 09, 2018

Feb 04, 2018 14:39    

I'd like to have a two-columns layout showing only post excerpts, but displaying a thumbnail of an post image as well. Is this possible?

Some skins let you use a 2 or even 3 column layout. But they display the whole post. If I change this in the blog setting, if I make it display excerpts only, the thumbnails are never shown.

I suppose hacking around in the code might change this behavior? But how? Thanks!

Feb 06, 2018 07:00

@nomad just to clarify, do you want to show posts in 2 and/or 3 columns side-by-side? I can't find a skin that let you do that right now, just post+sidebar and posts+sidebar1+sidebar2 (legacy skins).

Can you please send the skin you're thinking on so we can help you to modify it?

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