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Import wordpress xml file into b2e latest stable version

Started by on Jun 02, 2017 – Contents updated: Jun 11, 2017

Jun 02, 2017 13:45    

Hi all,

i have a website that is running under with my own domain.

I have also read this

So i installed b2e latest version 6.8.9 on my test maschine ec2 istance with ubuntu 16.04 and LAMP, all up and running and no errors under status.

I upload my xml file it´s 1,4 MB big without pictures.

Maintenance => IMPORT => WordPress XML Importer

I get following error

There was an error when reading this WXR file.

When i´m using the zip file, with the XML and the files from wordpress

There was an error when reading this WXR file.

etected in your ZIP package.

Then under the XML Importer FAQ Entry

If you made a ZIP file, upload it into /blogs/media/import.

I have not a directory that is called /blogs/media/import.

must i create this directory?

I´m a little bit confused about this topic

Jun 05, 2017 11:41

Hi @konkretor ,

If you made a ZIP file, upload it into /blogs/media/import.

It was meant to read /media/import. Does that clear up which folder we're talking about?

There was an error when reading this WXR file.

This means the file does not have the expected structure. There are some bugs in Wordpress' export system.

We are trying to work around as many bugs as possible. In order to test our latest importer, please try to use b2evolution version 6.9.2-beta.

Also, for testing, it's better not to use a ZIP file and upload your uncompressed XML file instead.

If that doesn't help, are you willing to privately share your wordpress export with us so we can try it on our end and fix whatever needs to be fixed in order to make it work?


Jun 07, 2017 07:33

Hi Francois,

is not realy clear which folder i should use.

at the moment i use following folder


I have also attached my export for you, password will send as private message.

thx for your support


Jun 11, 2017 00:46

You are using the right folder.

The importer does not support ZIP files with a password. In case of any doubt, it's better to unzip in the import folder before running the importer.

Once unzipped, there is an issue remaining in the importer. We will make a new release soon but if you are familiar with github you might get the develop branch right away and run a test.

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