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Link to main collection and About page related to current collection, is possible?

Started by on Jul 11, 2017 – Contents updated: Jul 14, 2017

Jul 11, 2017 11:10    

Hi, I've searched a lot into the configuration but I haven't find a way for change homelink and about link.

More explanation probably are well so, on top of b2evolution we have first the short name of the main installation, optionally link of various other blog, the about page and at the end the contact, now my problem is that I have a multiple domain the secondary domain redirectet to a different collection, but see the short name that link to the main collection and about page that link to about page of main collection, cause the content are totally different is a bit strange see this link, so at first I searched for change it into the 2nd collection, but nothing, I can hide about page but it hide from all collection and this isn't very good.
My question are:

1) is possible show a specified about page related to the collecion?
2) is possible hide the main collection link or make it link to the homepage of current collection?

if are both possible how?
if not is possible via modification of the main script? how? where i need to make modification for have that feature?

(actually I work on a private virtual server nothing are used on an active site, i need to have the grant that I can do what I need to do and see what I need to see before to put it into a server available to all)

Jul 14, 2017 00:19

Hi @jinkazama82it

Did you installed the demo data on your site? There is a default "About blog X" page already created for each collection.

If you didn't install demo data for collections, you must know that the "About this site" page is a post of the type "Standalone page" that belongs to the main collection. So if you want an "About" page for each one of your collections, then you just need to create a new page of this type on each one of them (see screenshot below), by following the regular process of posts creation.

I guess I don't fully understand question number 2. What do mean about hiding the main collection? what link do you refer to?

As I see, maybe you just would like to hide the Site skin (the black bar at the header and the footer common to all the collections). You can find the configuration parameter that controls this feature at Site > Site Settings (


Jul 14, 2017 07:01

for point 2 into the black bar on top at very beginning I have a link that return at the main domain and have the short name of main donain (is the parameter given during installation), I have solved partially, now I need to change in some way the short name when I'm in the second domain (but today I count to solve the question)

Yes i have demo content, is good that the about page are a stand alone page, so it's only a my fault... I've lost something during the check of demo content thanks a lot for that reminder.

Jul 14, 2017 09:36

Even if the about page is a standalone page (this is good) but if I select it via configuration for see it into Sitebar it appear in every collection, what I need to do and se into sitebar the correct about page for the current domain (so related to current collection used like homepage of current domain) ad do this is out of my power i don't know where this option are located into the code and how it is managed

some screenshots for a simpler understanding

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