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I finally convinced Scott to allow me to work my bollocks off for a few days and upgrade AstonishMe ... we're still working on it so it probably has loads of dead links and stuff, and it may or may not work in any other browser than mine ... but who… more »

Aug 28, 2008 13:58  
For a total novice and lots of trial and error Im pretty darn proud of what I was able to do to the blog to match my store and look fancy shmancy. Im sure many of you arent scrapbookers but feel free to visit and comment and guest blog :)… more »

Dec 17, 2008 08:58  
I've made a few of the skins I designed available for download on my site... if anyone is interested, feel free to download them and leave some feedback if you like them... They were designed for 1.10.x but should probably work fine in 1.9.x without any… more »

Aug 20, 2008 19:39  
I've recently launched I've (unfortunately) had to hack it about a bit to conform with my client's requests, but it's running pretty smoothly now. Features include the use of avatars, including an upload form and just recently an email… more »

Oct 11, 2007 20:07  
2007-10-11 I made it a few weeks ago, and finally finished the customization and everything. It was supposed to be simple and follow the same style/color scheme as my forum ( and my… more »

Oct 06, 2007 01:14  
My blog which was earlier powered by WP has now been converted to b2evolution (I wrote the importer myself :) ) You can check it out here: I manually recreated the theme which was present on my earlier WordPress blog so… more »

Feb 18, 2008 09:48  
A non-militant freethought blog updated weekly. Just trying to draw some hits to it to see if I need to update it more often and to see if there is any interest. more »

Sep 20, 2007 10:06  
I designed this site for a writer friend of mine, Iris Hirideyo. She's new to the world of blogging, but wanted a place to publish some of her thoughts and musings, so I set her up with a b2evo blog and designed a series of layouts for her. Anyway,… more »

Oct 11, 2007 19:46  
my first attempt to convert a wordpress theme to b2evo. i didnt include the ajax, plugins tho, only the design. [url=]Link[/url] more »

Jun 10, 2007 07:29  
Newbee on blogs, I was very pleased to find b2evolution. I created my first blog with and it's a tutorial on Creating and editing blogs and posts. Please fell free to correct and improve it by your comments at this address… more »

Feb 25, 2007 19:07  
Powered by b2 with a hefty bit of customization thanks to the great support here. We''re getting over 1000 hits/day and are already over 1000 unique visitors for February. All this after only one month "on the air". Check us out, especially if… more »

Feb 21, 2007 17:43  
Hi all, These are my b2evo installations: my blog: my community site, launched a few days ago: my brother´s site, launched yesterday: and I´ve a few more to do... I´ve found that… more »

Nov 27, 2007 03:31  
Figured I would jump in, feedback is always great to enhance the product as well as for getting motivation. Anyway my blogs are viewable here: Atm it features a hacked up TicTac skin. Before it use to run my Lightality skin… more »

Jan 31, 2007 09:36  
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