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How do I filter search results so that I only get results relevant to the most recent versions of b2evo. Too often I put in a subject and get pages of results, but they start with things from 2007, I don't know how many versions and updates ago. Is… more »

Oct 08, 2015 02:01  
Hi, I have a b2evolution installed (version 4.17) which I cannot upgrade it because it has a lot of customisations. Is there a way to upgrade just the youtube plugin? The existing one has some problems, for example I cannot go to full screen mode even… more »

Sep 12, 2015 20:03  
I recently added a new post to my blog with the title 'Town regeneration' - (version 6.6.3 - URL however it does not display on the list of posts, though the category (first post with this category) can be… more »

Sep 05, 2015 15:19  
Hi, I would like to operate the b2evolution behind a reverse proxy (web access manager) This reverse proxy creates a portal, with all the authorized application for a user. I uses an external url which is different from the url the application uses. As… more »

Sep 01, 2015 17:04  
Hi, does any one knows more about how to use the ldap plugin? I have installed and configured the plugin. Since then my logins does not work anymore. I see an ldap bind which is successfull, and an unbind but fall back on a login page. Admin account… more »

Aug 27, 2015 23:29  
Probably I do not see/find it: but did you drop the preview option for posts? I see a preview-button at the comment form, but none here, where I do the post itself. And i think the button(s) (save for community / preview) should be right under the text… more »

Aug 10, 2015 16:35  
Someone is posting garbage on this forum. Go look at the "Latest Replies" page - to be cleaned up and the offending users deleted from the forum. You also need to implement some blocking methods to vet new users. BUT since I've found no one actually… more »

Jul 31, 2015 04:20  
We're about to switch this site (and these forums) to b2evolution version 6.5 (ok, it might be 6.6 ;). In the process we're rethinking the Menu. Is there still any use for the "Last Replies" menu entry? It seems to me it is completely… more »

Jul 03, 2015 15:50  
After editing the url of a particular blog, i do encounter error when trying to access that blog after changing the address from the usual '/blog6.php' to maybe '' or ''. Please how can i correct this? more »

May 11, 2015 07:12  
I want to set up a forum similar to this one. Where you have category headings, and then specific forums in them. And then people can open new threads under the topic, not the main page. How does one do this, or find a guide to how to set up the forums.… more »

Mar 21, 2015 03:41  
Copy of my reply to my own post Well something odd here. This post went immediately to Public so I couldn't edit. I was referring to post My reply was Hi globalcraze This isn't the… more »

Jan 15, 2015 00:19  
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