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Problems using search

Started by on Jun 06, 2015 – Contents updated: Jun 10, 2017

Jun 06, 2015 17:50    

I always have problem using search. For example if I type in my name I only get one post followed by a list that has nothing to do with my name. If I search fora post using name and another word that I know is in the post,it isn't found but other posts are shown.I'm finding it unusable and have to go to google to search for the post..

Am I alone with this problem? Is this real?

07 Jun 2015 00:31

Can you give example search urls ? Also take a look at sam2kb's advanced search plugin.

07 Jun 2015 02:30

Sorry maybe I am not clear, I mean searching for posts on this forum. Although I have just found I can find my posts by clicking on the number of posts on My Profile page the forum search doesn't bring them up nor can I find my posts via searching for the content. For instance, ifI search for {amoun variable} I get only five posts out of 55 of mine; as usual the first is mine, the rest are random but not the one where I ask for help finding variable

10 Jun 2015 03:53

When we upgrade this forum to b2evo v6, we'll have a brand ne search implementation.

We'll upgrade as soon as it's stable. Should be this month.

10 Jun 2015 13:31

If that confirms my experience I wonder how things get found, or is it that it has just been getting worse. I'm sure it used to be a lot better.


04 Jun 2017 13:03

Well just browsing the forum and came across my old post and things seem the same. If I search for "amoun" i get posts with the word amount not posts with my user name??

I put the word in quotes, in the search input field, thinking that would stop any prefix and suffix but not so?

Even if the search item is " amoun " that's with spaces it still brings up posts with (amount)

05 Jun 2017 10:52

I confirm, the search algorithm does not recognize usernames for now.

05 Jun 2017 11:10

I moved this up on the todo list.

05 Jun 2017 12:29

I just thought that if a search item was surrounded by quotes it would only find that exact match, so though it may not find a user name I thought it shouldn't find a word that contains the search item.

07 Jun 2017 00:44

Our search engine doesn't have double quote syntax BUT the search engine will score exact matches much higher than partial matches.

09 Jun 2017 15:11

There is no syntax. You type words and the search engine will give priority to exact matches, to more words matches and to recent content.

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