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[2.0.1] File upload error

Started by on Oct 05, 2007 – Contents updated: Oct 05, 2007

Oct 05, 2007 23:33    

Every time I attempt to upload an image I get...
An unknown error occurred when moving the uploaded file on the server.
When I tried to do it via the Multiple Uploads tab the following was generated at the top of the Upload box.

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/wow-factor/media/users/john/Google_news.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/wow-factor/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php on line 323 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpfaWNxX' to '/home/wow-factor/media/users/john/Google_news.jpg' in /home/wow-factor/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php on line 323

When I then resort to FTP the images get loaded as black jpg's with red EWR-Access.

Oct 20, 2007 21:42

I've got the same problem!!!
Could it be caused by safe mode??

Oct 24, 2007 02:36

@ mar1985

Could it be caused by safe mode??

Don't know!! Still waiting for a "guru" to comment :)

Nov 10, 2007 01:38

This still happens in the Beta release

Nov 11, 2007 07:49

Well, I got a list of greens

777 / wow-factor/

* /home/wow-factor/media/blogs/:
755 / wow-factor/
o /home/wow-factor/media/blogs/b/:
755 / wow-factor/
o /home/wow-factor/media/blogs/a/:
755 / wow-factor/
o /home/wow-factor/media/blogs/links/:
755 / wow-factor/
o /home/wow-factor/media/blogs/all/:
755 / wow-factor/
* /home/wow-factor/media/users/:
755 / wow-factor/
o /home/wow-factor/media/users/john/:
775 / wow-factor/
+ /home/wow-factor/media/users/john/.evocache/:
755 / wow-factor/
# /home/wow-factor/media/users/john/.evocache/icon_factory4.jpg/:
755 / wow-factor/
# /home/wow-factor/media/users/john/.evocache/virgin_mobile.jpg/:

etc etc

Nov 11, 2007 20:50

Does Google_news.jpg already exist?
Can you send me the link to the debug script?

Nov 11, 2007 21:12

Pm'ed you the link blueyed

No, the Google_news.jpg is the only one with that name

Nov 11, 2007 23:10

The directory "john" is 775 and owned by "wow-factor". It has no group?! (or the script fails here)

However, the script runs as "apache" and therefor has only read access. You may want to "chgrp" the directories and files to "apache" and then use 775/664 for all of them.

Of course, 777/666 would also work, because "apache" currently is the same as "rest of the world".

Nov 11, 2007 23:54

Thank, I'll give that a spin and report back


Nov 12, 2007 00:30

Ok, john at 777 now allows me to upload instead of FTP'ing
However in File Managment / browse all images uploaded or FTP'd
still show as black thumbnails with the red "Ewr - access" across them ?

Nov 12, 2007 00:34

"Ewr" means "Error while writing" AFAIK.
You may want to open up the .evocache folders also for all users on your server (chmod 777).. :|

Nov 12, 2007 01:17

Thanks mate, I can now upload and I can now see the thumbnails.

Again, your help is appreciated :)

Nov 23, 2007 10:34

have the same problem but chmod ing 777 didnt work

Dec 22, 2007 19:19

Duplicated problem in v2.2.0 with media and blogs and this_blog set to 777. I can upload via FTP and access via the back office, but I can not upload via the files tab. Mine is an upgraded installation, and I have not tested this on a new installation.

Warning: move_uploaded_file(/path/to/blog/media/blogs/weblog//two_monitors.jpg) [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/wonderw/public_html/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php on line 323

Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move '/tmp/php0dzFmu' to '/path/to/blog/media/blogs/weblog//two_monitors.jpg' in /path/to/blog/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php on line 323

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/to/blog/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php:323) in /path/to/blog/inc/_core/_misc.funcs.php on line 2411

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /path/to/blog/inc/files/upload.ctrl.php:323) in /path/to/blog/inc/_core/_misc.funcs.php on line 2414

I notice a double / in the first warning, and wonder if it is important.

Dec 22, 2007 19:30

How I got round this :

1) renamed all my current /media/blogs/folder/ to folder_bak
2) opened up/media and /media/blogs to 777
3) hit filemanager, get loads of green shit about folders being created
4) locked down /media and /media/blogs ( to 755 or summat )
5) copied all files from folder_bak to folder ( if any folders have sub folders, create them through FM and copy their files across as well )

end result is that apache is the folder owner and the fileman works without world access


Mar 14, 2008 15:28

Is this possible through FTP?

In 2.4.0 I was getting a ".evocache folder read/write error" message and thought this might help.

EDIT: Never mind, I think I've got it sorted, although I'm not entirely sure how.

Mar 20, 2008 03:59

miller64917 where are you having this problem? Certainly not on the truck leasing site that was linked in and is now removed from both your posts here in these forums.

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