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Can't login at all

Started by on Feb 05, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 05, 2008

Feb 05, 2008 06:05    

My b2evolution Version: 0.9.2

OK so I created my blog in an sql database from cpanel. The blog is created fine, I am given my username and password, I go to, enter the backoffice, enter username and password and am constantly told that I need to login(!).

I have deleted cookies, enabled cookies, exited out of my browser, tried entering from another browser; no luck.

Am I missing something? Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance,


Feb 05, 2008 06:29

First off: upgrade immediately. Don't even waste your time getting to know 0.anything because that entire generation is obsolete. At the very least you should get 1.10.3 from the "Download" tab above, but you might want to skip straight to 2.4.0-RC2 because it is radically different than 1.10.3, which is light-years ahead of 0.9.2.

Okay to your problem: Normally I suggest people get a fresh copy of their version, unzip it, delete all the stuff from their server, and upload the brand new copy again. That'll fix a corrupted file no matter what it is or where in the process it got corrupted. In this case I'll change that a bit and point out that you should keep your conf/_config.php file because it contains your database connection info AND that you should get 1.10.3 or 2.4.0-RC2 instead of 092, but otherwise it's the same: suspect a corrupted file somewhere and "shotgun" the solution by replacing everything - beginning with a brand new download of the .zip package.

(It actually does frequently work, believe it or not. If it doesn't we'll move into more adventurous stuff, but not with an obsolete version)

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