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Stats new blog and Antispam (1.6 Phoenix) [fixed]

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Version 1.6 Phoenix


I have two problem:

1-When I create a new blog, he does not appear in "Stats"

2-When I want to update the blacklist centralized, a blank page appears.

Thank you for your help


Comment from: ¥åßßå

One thing that causes your problem is having an empty stub filename

type index.php into the stub filname box

It'll automatically select access through stub file so you'll have to click your normal preferred access type

Then press save and it should appear in your stats list

There's been a problem with the blacklist recently, you can read more about it [url=]here[/url]


2006-05-18 @ 19:04

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FWIW there is no need to post the same message 4 times!

2006-05-18 @ 19:48

Comment from: ¥åßßå

sorry, it's my multiple personalities :roll:


2006-05-18 @ 19:57

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