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update problem

Started by on Apr 09, 2013 – Contents updated: Apr 09, 2013

Apr 09, 2013 18:14    


I just updated my forum to the 5.0.2 alpha 5 version few days ago. Everything worked fine for some days, but today I get this message when trying to access to the blog ( :
This is b2evolution version 4.1.6.
You cannot use the application before you finish configuration and installation.
Database schema is not up to date!
You have schema version «11100», but we would need «10200».

I don't know what to do, thanks for any suggestion.


Apr 09, 2013 18:22

In fact, the problem is only with IE (10) (I didn't try with IE until today)
The blog is correct with Firefox.
Is that a known current limitation ?

Thank you

Apr 09, 2013 18:32

No, this has nothing to do with IE.
I see your message in FF.

Try reloading your page/clearing your cache. They should display the same thing.

Maybe your web host has restored a backup of your old files?
If so, the fix is to upgrade again. (b2evolution will detect that the DB is already up to date but you need to reupload the 5.x files)

Apr 09, 2013 18:35


You are right, it's not a Navigator problem. It's an address problem works fine, while gives the error message (even when cache is empty)

Apr 09, 2013 18:43

Ok, I found the problem (redirection broken)
Thanks a lot for your help

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