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An unexpected error has occured! If this error persits, please report it to the administrator. Go back to home page Additional information about this error: MySQL error! Duplicate entry '29712' for key 1(Errno=1062) Your query: INSERT INTO evo_sessions(… more »

Jan 15, 2007 19:45  
In my previous blog (0.9.2) I added a field in evo_blogs called blog_display_order. After upgrading to 1.9.1 the field is still there with data. I had this line in admin/blogs_list.php Code<td class="center"><?php… more »

Jan 21, 2007 02:59  
I'm trying to hide the "all" blog because I have no use for it. The "custom" template says to hide it by removing the links on the advanced settings page. I did this. But I'd like to make it so that's not numbered '1'. I tried to do… more »

Jan 12, 2007 08:34  
Hi, I got through the install ok, and the blog pages load and work fine, I can access the admin main page sometimes, but I get an error that internet explorer cannot load the pages when I try clicking on the tabs. Basically my admin functions don't… more »

Jan 12, 2007 02:21  
I want to try this hack by "stk" param('cat','integer','##'); to make a different category the default. Problem is I don't know how to determine what my category number is? Also not sure where, or if it matters, where I drop this into my… more »

Mar 24, 2007 22:29  
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