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My issue is that after I added a section on my sidebar to allow for the last comments to be displayed - People who add long url links pushes out the sidebar into my main content rather than it wrapping. What I want to do is add some text on my comment… more »

Jul 28, 2005 18:11  
I recently got reprimanded by my webhosters for eating up CPU on the server. After examining my traffic report it seems I'm getting a crapload of hits on my b2evo blog, but not the regular people kind. I'm getting like a billion hits from hydrocodone… more »

Jul 27, 2005 22:59  
I just figured out how to add adsense to my site, now I have one more question. See where it says b2evolution at the top of the sidebar? How can I make that say Links instead? The required b2evolution link is on the blog at the… more »

Jul 27, 2005 00:21  
Hi guys, I'm glad i found this place out, and I need help very much. You see, I intend to make the posts on my site such that when I want to post news, it will go like this; "topic" "blahblahblahblahblahb" read more will this be possible? so that when… more »

Jul 26, 2005 06:17  
I have an opinions blog where I talk about my opinions and views about the latest tech news and events and I wanted to set up a type of system. What I want is when users register, they can write posts but the admin (me) has to approve their… more »

Sep 03, 2007 17:25  
Hi, sorry for my English but I am Italian I would want that the new customers can post as soon as she records to you Can you help me? I had the mod of Raptor, the captcha, but the 3° point I don't see the code code that I must modify in the file… more »

Jul 27, 2005 09:14  
Hi. I have a domain called It has a b2evo and i have a little problem This "portal" has 3 blogs. The idea is. A… more »

Jul 25, 2005 09:41  

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