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Are the smileys sposed to work in the comments section ? if not is there a way to get that to go ? (I've finally got it so tweeked and perfect I'm asking this question) - sorry ... I've completely run out of more important issues. p.s. this forum rocks.… more »

Jul 20, 2005 01:44  
I have read an article about setting up b2evolution to support xfn at It refers to a file called hacks.php but I don't see that file in the folders. Does anyone know what they are referencing?… more »

Jul 19, 2005 19:23  
I just added a linkblog to one of my blogs. Each link is to an item I have for sale on Unfortunately, there's an annoying permalink icon next to each link as well. I wouldn't want people clicking on them, plus they often cause unsightly… more »

Jul 20, 2005 06:13  
I want to use the titles from the blog all in a page that links to that have an index page on the site that's not b2 evolution and I want to pull all the titles from the blog all to show in the index page. So as someone adds a new… more »

Jul 21, 2005 22:15  
Hi all, Not sure that's the correct forum for this post... Anyway, here is my problem. I just tried drivel (, a tool like w.bloggar to make post easy under Linux. I put the correct url to the xml-rpc, but I get manu error… more »

Jul 17, 2005 23:15  

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