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[SOLVED] B2E Control Bar looks funky with https

Started by on Jun 15, 2014 – Contents updated: Aug 24, 2014

Jun 15, 2014 08:02    

I'm using the custom skin, pretty heavily hacked, but I didn't touch the control bar up top besides the colours.

It looks fine under http:// (, but when I use https:// (, all the menu options unfold and take up the whole screen, and the blog appears underneath. Reproduced in Firefox and IE.

It only works when you're logged in (because there's no login bar otherwise) so I've made a user test/password if you want to look. It's set up as a misbehaving user so it doesn't do much of anything.

Can anyone suggest to me why this is happening?

Jun 15, 2014 11:07

I have a solution!

I figured out that one of the CSS files, basic.css, was being suppressed by the browser because it was being called by http on a https page.

In conf/_basic_config.php I changed the $baseurl to include the "s" (ie https://). That means the includes will always call by https even if the original file was http.

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