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b2evolution support area  
Frequently Asked Questions - Browse this first!
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b2evolution Support
User to User Help for b2evolution
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Templates, skins, XHTML and CSS
Design Discussion
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Plugins & Extensions
Plugin/hack Support and Discussion
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Central Antispam Blacklist Support
b2evolution has a centralized antispam blacklist. Please use this area for questions, suggestions, etc..
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b2evolution development  
Bug reports
This is for bugs only.
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A look into the future
About the upcoming releases...
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Internationalization & Localization
About internationalizing, localizing, translating and making b2evo a multi-language platform.
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Documentation effort
Wanna help with documenting the project?
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Site Showcase
Announce your b2evolution blog here!
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Discussion about the website
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Chat away
Off-topic and polite pulease.
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Obsolete Forum Threads
Older information that may or may not prove useful regarding previous versions of b2evolution. Use at your own risk.
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Older bugs 1 4
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