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Hello, I have different instances running on different webservers /hosters. I think about closing one webhost service and domain, but I don't want to loose my content. I am using 6.11.7 in the instance I want to close and 6.11.5 in the other. Is there a… More »

Apr 22, 2024 20:51  
Hi eveyone, I finally got b2evolution working in docker. Still work in progress, but with the example provided it worked for me. Maybe it helps someone, or you could provide feedback about the 'good the bad… More »

Sep 30, 2022 01:35  
Hello, does anyone know how to disable ?disp=mediaidx for anonymous users? In recent months, hotlininking developed into a real plague and sometime it starts by crawling images via ?disp=mediaidx. I figured out how to disable it for all users (by… More »

May 24, 2022 21:08  
I realized that via China Mobile Communications the folder media > blogs > [blog] image files were called. It happened with IP I checked chmod of the folder. It is set to 755 - is this correct or should I change it to 750? Thanks… More »

Apr 25, 2022 14:12  
Bonjour à tous, je découvre B2, installer sur mon propre server, tout fonctionne, pour l'instant B2 va me servir pour creer un blog photos famillial je dirai un prototype. Mon server est un Imac 22p de 2013 install Ubuntu server, apache,pmysql etc....… More »

Feb 12, 2023 23:43  

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