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Couldn't log in this morning until I went through my VPN. Was getting This request has been blocked Logged in and went to system >> Referring Domains and my own domain, where b2evo is installed, was listed as Blocked so I changed it to Trusted. In… more »

Jan 20, 2019 00:58  
Three fresh installs of the three all-in-one CMS scripts, Composr, TikiWIki & b2evolution tested for page speed. Composr (OC Portal) [inline:8453:.border] TikiWiki [inline:8454:.border] b2evolution [inline:8455:.border] more »

Jan 23, 2019 00:54  
I found B2Evolution after Wordpress was getting ready to do another update and blow up my website up yet again. I installed b2evolution and working out the bugs (Proper PHP, site screw up, etc), I checked it out. Quite the funky backend until you figure… more »

Jan 21, 2019 04:31  
Not sure if it belongs here but when I went to register, it told me I needed some special characters in my password, including the possible use of, &. Cool, one of my common passwords uses the ampersand so I used it and it told me I can't use it. I… more »

Jan 20, 2019 01:37  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I would like users of my software, when the start up the program to get a message that my software blog has a new message. To do this I need some way that my software can determine whether a new entry has been posted.… more »

Feb 04, 2009 11:53  
Hello, Since version 6.10.5 it happens occasionally that additional slugs are added without intention. Due to too long entries in slugs, the following error message occurs (screenshot) How to fix it? Thanks and Regards, Will more »

Jan 15, 2019 16:37  
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