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I am honestly wondering if b2evolution is abandoned. It was difficult already in the past - but since 7.x, things got even more quiet and slow. Every forum member who started a topic has the box "Seen by" below the box "Tags" next to… More »

Mar 19, 2021 00:49  
There is a bug in 6.11.7 in collection > features > comments "Threaded Comments". If activated there is a mess caused in displaying meta comments and further causes that the sidebar disappears in single post view for logged in users.… More »

Mar 15, 2021 19:38  
Hello, After I have deleted years old meta comments I recognized first, that for logged in users the sidebar (of any skin, incl. bootstrap_blog_skin) has disappeared. Secondly I realized that also the meta comment formula has disappeared, partly,… More »

Mar 15, 2021 01:34  
First things first: Happy and healthy 2021! I have 7.2.2 and a 7.3 running and now I am wondering if it is possible to downgrade a 7.2.2 to the latest stable 6.11.x version. Did anyone try that already? Why? Because there are too many challenges with… More »

Jan 05, 2021 11:12  

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