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Bolded navigation items

Started by on Sep 10, 2013 – Contents updated: Sep 17, 2013

Sep 10, 2013 08:16    

I noticed that at the moment the navigation items I add have a bold tag in them:

<li class="naviitem"><strong><a href="">Link</a></strong></li>

I have added the navigation area like this:


    // ------------------------- "Menu" CONTAINER EMBEDDED HERE --------------------------
    // Display container and contents:
    // Note: this container is designed to be a single <ul> list
    skin_container( NT_('Menu'), array(
        // The following params will be used as defaults for widgets included in this container:
        'block_start'         => '',
        'block_end'           => '',
        'block_display_title' => false,
        'list_start'          => '',
        'list_end'            => '',
        'item_start'          => '<li class="naviitem">',
        'item_end'            => '</li>',
      ) );
    // ----------------------------- END OF "Menu" CONTAINER -----------------------------

How can get rid of the strong tags from the menu?

Sep 10, 2013 12:28

You could try using css. Maybe adding this to your stylesheets:


.naviitem strong {
    font-weight: normal;

It would be great to know which skin are you currently using, in order to give you a more specific help.

Sep 10, 2013 13:38

I could be wrong, but wouldn't the "strong" tags take precidence in that situation? As mgsolipa says, it would be useful to understand which skin you're using.

Sep 10, 2013 14:37

Yes, strong is taking precidence. The texts are still bolded even though I apply a CSS style.

The skin is my own custom skin. Actually the problem seems to be only with Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome displays the navigation items correctly.

You can check this link:

If you look at the top navigation with Etusivu, Uusimmat etc.

The first link is ok, because it does not have the strong tag in it. This happens with Mozilla Firefox.

But the next ones are not because of the strong tag which is added to the navigation items.

Sep 10, 2013 14:51

Thanks. :) I managed to make them now evenly bold in Firefox.

Sep 10, 2013 14:59

You're welcome @hypocrite. Now I can see that your links are bolded in both Chrome and Firefox.

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