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Some 5.2.0 validations

Started by on Dec 26, 2014 – Contents updated: Apr 20, 2015

Dec 26, 2014 12:39    

Validations for HTML5 using
Maybe someone could look at this and incorporate these as I have been doing it for years each time I upgrade on a number of sites.

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11 errors, (9 on calendar and 2 un-escaped &s)

Calendar: _calendar.plugin.php 6135 2014-03-08 07:54:05Z manuel $
1.Cellspacing not valid attribute
2.summary not valid attribute
3. 'abbr' not valid attribute

Line 457 removed cellspacing="0" and replaced the word 'summary' with 'title'
line 472 removed abbr="[abbr]"

Un-escaped &s
&redirect at Line 227 [/inc/widgets/widgets/_user_login_widget.php]

5 off in [inc/users/model/_user.func.php] Lines (195,211,235,240,6180
1 for &source at Line 222
3 others Lines 1557 (mg.url) 1620 (thumbs) 3389 9(vote)
Missed another at Line 240 and one on Line 243 this sorted the errors

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1 error: form action Must be non-empty

[inc/_core/_template.funcs.php] (7613 2014-11-12 08:19:20Z yura $)
Line 2047 'form_action' => '',
Changed to: 'form_action' => $baseurl.$Blog->name.'.php',

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No errors

27 Dec 2014 13:40

Hi @amoun,

I don't get the same results from the validator that you do. However, we need to do a deeper research because there are too many combinations of things that should be reviewed (skins and widgets).


31 Dec 2014 03:49

Thanks for responding.

I should say the login one maybe only as I'm using the user_login_widget

Oh and I forgot, I have my skin in html5 so that may be reason for all :)

15 Apr 2015 06:24

Unescaped ampersands (and undefined entity references) are a huge problem. I've fixed all that I could in my local version. It seems that HTML5 removed some table accessibility attributes for some reason.

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