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why there are two big white blanks when resizing the browser

Started by on Apr 15, 2004 – Contents updated: Apr 15, 2004

Apr 15, 2004 04:21    

Hi all,
There is a question need your help.
I'm using the custom template, if I'm using the maximize, everything is okay, but when I resize the browser(from the max to middle), the layout of b2 would be disordered, there would be two big white blanks on the top right corner and down left corner. I don't know why.
You can check my website for reappearance, the address is:

How to correct it, somebody helps me please. thanks!!

Apr 15, 2004 07:26

Well, my guess is that you are using fixed widths of menu bar and content div. The problem occurs when you're posting content that is too wide (img width is way too large). Try to resize images. Make them smaller. And do not overcome 500 px width in content.

Apr 15, 2004 09:00

Thanks, mg!
The widths of menu bar and content div are not fixed, only using percentage. Well I don't wanna resize the image, I hope when I resize the browers, there would be a scrolling bar in the bottom, is there some way to do that?


Apr 15, 2004 13:05

:oops: yeah, sure. Percentage. I was too lazy to download you CSS and look. If you need an advice on CSS, Francois is an expert.

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