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[1.9.x] Adding a grey line in sidebar

Started by on Jun 01, 2007 – Contents updated: Jun 01, 2007

Jun 01, 2007 00:53    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

Hey guys,

I have a problem, and I hope someone could help me with it.

I'm using the custom skin, and what I basicly want to do is add some more thin grey line separators between some "hardcoded" images I put in the sidebar.

Could anyone please explain how to do this?

Best regards,


Ps. I know that it's a background image, I just dont understand where it is, and how I can put it in. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Jun 02, 2007 19:16

Just use css to add a bottom border to them, or add <hr /> after each image.


Jun 03, 2007 13:59

Maybe, <hr noshade /> would be best, if you wish to achieve the thin gray line.

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