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insert list of web links in sidebar?

Started by on Jun 05, 2007 – Contents updated: Jun 05, 2007

Jun 05, 2007 14:12    

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I would like to get a list of favorite web links to list on the sidebar.

Any code suggestions? I have tried several searches on the forums and can't seem to find this subject.

Jun 05, 2007 17:26

It's called a linkblog. Create a blog to use as your linkblog. Probably call it "linkblog" for example. Go to your Blog Settings tab and select one of the blogs you display. Blog #1 for example. Then select the 'display' subtab, and finally in the dropdown box for "default linkblog" select the blog you just created and named "linkblog". Then post your favorite websites as posts in your linkblog. A title and a URL is all you have to post. If you have text with your linkblog posts it'll probably show up in your sidebar, so don't have no text and it'll look like you want.

Jun 05, 2007 17:57

OK done and links appear on the right side bar but since the links will not wrap it shifts my right side bar drastically.

In a post can you use HTML to hide the link itself and display an alias, since I see the post topic does word wrap?

Jun 06, 2007 01:14

The post title becomes the text in the link. The "link to URL" field becomes the web site it points to. Make sure you're in 'expert' mode when you post so you see both fields.

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