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[3.3.3] Transparent gif problem

Started by on Apr 05, 2011 – Contents updated: Apr 05, 2011

Apr 05, 2011 00:24    

My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3

I've had this problem elsewhere and I finally decided to ask the question here in the forum. I'm wondering why the heck my transparent gifs don't work in my skins. Example: - the ug_foot.png is transparent and has rounded corners on the bottom, and yet, it shows up square. I tried also using gif instead of png - same result. Why is this happening?


I've replaced the footer image at this point because I couldn't get the transparency to work, but the question still remains - why?

Apr 05, 2011 09:39

Ethan5150 wrote:

I've replaced the footer image

we cannot know why as we cant see it.but one guess might be you may have the same bgcolor for the div as the footer image

Apr 05, 2011 19:01

It's a central background image that was visible through header and footer corners.

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