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Create a new skin errors

Started by on Jan 08, 2012 – Contents updated: Jan 08, 2012

Jan 08, 2012 13:49    

The instructions for creating a new skin are incorrect:-
1. Instruction 3 says

Delete the _main.php file and the custom.css file in the myskin folder.

There are no files of that name! The custom folder contains:-; _skin.class.php; index.main.php; item.css; skinshot.png; style.css and a folder called img.

2. Instruction 2 says

Now you have a working skin. You can check it out by changing the default skin for your blog in the backoffice to myskin. Now view your blog. It looks just like the custom skin now.

This produces an error:-

There seems to be a _skin.class.php file in the skin directory [myskin], but it does not contain a properly named class. Expected class name is: myskin_Skin

Could someone please give me the correct instructions?

Jan 10, 2012 03:05

You are reading an old manual. Simply edit any existing skin. Basically you can copy any template file from /skins/ to /skins/yourskin/ and edit it.

Jan 12, 2012 13:50

I appreciate your advice and help - TVM - wouldn't it be nice to have that info made obvious somewhere in the documentation for the benefit of newbies? Seems to me it would be sensible to remove obsolete docs anyway.

Jan 12, 2012 23:20

Docs are one of those stigmatas of b2

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