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Export a whole blog to PDF

Started by on Feb 04, 2012 – Contents updated: Feb 04, 2012

Feb 04, 2012 21:00    

Well aware that I might risk being off-topic, but I found this forum to be the least off-topic, since it could be placed in the "feedback" category

Anyhow - using B2Evoluiton both for my own personal blog open for everyone to read, but also as a sort of diary for my kids so that family far away can log on and read and see pictures I soon realized that it would become their only photo album. SO I needed a way to export all the posts to PDF, fully customizable to my own needs. Since I'm mostly into Java, I ended up creating what I needed using...Java...

To have a backup of the code in case my really old laptop would die I uploaded the code to Google Code Announcing it here as well in case someone out there is having the same need as me - maybe this might help them save some time. Must admit that I struggled quite some time in order to figure out how to create the 2 column PDF just the way I wanted it...the rest, fetching stuff from the database and such is just a walk in the park.

So for anyone to enjoy, again the link

Feb 04, 2012 21:06

thank you.i needed sth like that, i really wonder how the output is.

Will give it a whirl sometime.The "downloads" section is empty, but i guess i ll make a svn checkout and check the code for instructions.

Feb 04, 2012 22:28

Moved to plugins section.

Can't try since I have no idea how to compile or run java apps :)

Feb 04, 2012 23:27

sam2kb wrote:

Moved to plugins section.

Can't try since I have no idea how to compile or run java apps :)

I dont have a clue either :D But google is always here : P

Feb 13, 2012 11:10

U may use ContuttoPDF plugin, you will able to offer your vistors a full featured pdf. The PDF creation and rendering is done vy DOMPDF which is based on R&OS PHP PDF class.
There is one more utility, HTTrack allow you to download a WWW site from the internet to a local dirextory.

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