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Trying to find actionable info about GDPR...

Started by on Dec 29, 2017 – Contents updated: Mar 15, 2018

Dec 29, 2017 02:19    

Trying to find actionable info about GDPR... that doesn"t require a team of lawyers to be deciphered...

One here: which deals mostly with mailing lists and T&C.


This one seems to have the right level of details...

One good 1 line summary:

Three elements of this: Right to Access, Right to Be Forgotten and Data Portability.

... and some interesting general info:

The penalty for non compliance can be 4% of annual global turnover, up to a maximum of €20 million.

That's good for the people who make free software or free blogs ;)

PwC surveyed 200 CXOs of large US firms to assess the impact of the GDPR guidelines. The results revealed that a majority of the firms had taken up the GDPR ...with 76% of them prepared to spend in excess of $1 million on GDPR.

Yep... a nice regulation that costs over $1 million to implement...

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