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User defines posts and/or comments per page

Started by on Jan 07, 2015 – Contents updated: Sep 26, 2015

Jan 07, 2015 02:20    

Couldn't find such an option.

As '&' gets transformed to & in a post and screws the URL I made a Free HTML widget for the sidebar



<form action="http://yourdomian.##/###.php">
<label>1 to 19&nbsp;</label>
<input type="hidden" id="disp" name="disp" value="posts">
<input type="number" style="width:3em" id="posts" name="posts" type="text" size="1" value="" min="1" max="19" />
<input type="submit" value="Go">

Only get the full posts when it's the value set in the back office, else it's excerpts.

Still to do one for comments on each post.

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