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1 Dec 15, 2015 12:40    

I have some collections defined on my CMS (version 6.6.6-stable) that should be only viewed by members.
When other users connect to the system, they see teasers of the latest posts from thos collections. When they click on them, they get an error message telling that they are not members of the collection.
Is there any way to define on the home page the collections from which the posts should be allowed or disallowed ?

2 Dec 15, 2015 22:19

Summary of the problem: the widget will restrict to the listed posts if they have the "Member" visibility but will NOT restrict posts with "Public" visibility, EVEN if those posts are in a "Members Only" collection.

3 Jul 17, 2017 04:23

Note: this has been fixed. Public posts in a Members only collection will be forced to "Members" status on the first edit.

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