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A query over setting up the banner image in the Vastitude skin

Started by on Apr 25, 2015 – Contents updated: Apr 28, 2015

Apr 25, 2015 16:44    

For quite a long time now, I've been using a minor tweak of the Vastitude skin, mainly some text colour changes, and my own image in the banner across the top.

I'm now doing a major rework of what I have with a view to creating a wholly new design. To do this though, I need to do something rather different with the banner image; full screen width and rather deeper, and probably the menu text over its lower edge.

What's puzzling me slightly is the html structure the existing banner is laid over. For reasons I'm not quite grasping, it is partly provided by a DIV by the ID of 'bannertop', which the CSS shows with a height of 53px, and another DIV with the ID 'bannermid' and a height of 104px, which added together match the image's height of 157px. As it is, it works, and can't be seen from anyone viewing the the blog.

If I look at the code in index.main.php, and also in the HTML it outputs, the two DIV's contain the following:

'bannertop': Contains a DIV with the class 'topicons', but otherwise has no content, other than the piece of the banner image the CSS provides.

'bannermid': Contains the code that provides the blog title & subtitle, along with the rest of the banner image.

Just looking at the CSS for 'bannertop', I can't see much that gives me too many clues, though its visibility is set to hidden (doesn't matter much, as there's no content to hide).

Can anyone give me an idea why it might have been set up like this? I can't find any settings within the backoffice that would provide any content for the 'topicons' DIV, not that the PHP file has any code to utilise it anyway. At the moment, I'm thinking I may as well delete the DIV and work with 'bannermid' (probably renaming it in the process). One other thought, I can't see any similar HTML structure being created in the 'Basic' skin, so I'm assuming I'm not likely to break anything significant.

Any thoughts?

Apr 27, 2015 07:51

Hi @chris_of_arabia,

I have been looking for a use case of that container (bannertop) in previous releases but I didn't find anything useful, maybe it was implemented in an older version which I have no access to. So, I think it's safe just to get rid of the container and apply the appropriate CSS adjustments to make the skin work without it.


Apr 27, 2015 08:12

That's certainly what I tried - or at least I commented it out. So far, I've seen no ill-effects from it, though at the moment, I'm just working on my home LAMP server. The more I look at the skin setup and the css that goes with it, the more I'm convinced there are a few things in there I probably don't need to retain, even if it were to end up being put up for public consumption (something I'd like to do eventually).

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