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lightbox styling problem with css frameworks

Started by on Jul 07, 2013 – Contents updated: Jul 13, 2013

Jul 07, 2013 04:08    

I'm using V504 and just started to make use of lightbox that comes with it. I'm working on a new skin with foundation framework.

This demonstrates the styling problem in lightbox:

Notice the line that begins with My vote onwards.

It looks normal with evopress and most skins. But with the skin developed with Foundation framework, it's out of style. I've also tried Bootstrap and it's also out of styles.

Has anyone tried to develop skins with these frameworks? How do you fix this problem?

The order of css, as defined in _skin.class.php:


function display_init() {
        require_css('basic_styles.css', 'blog');
        require_css('basic.css', 'blog');
        require_css('blog_base.css', 'blog');
        require_css('item_base.css', 'blog');
        require_css('css/foundation.css', 'relative');
        require_css('style.css', 'relative');
        require_js_helper( 'colorbox', 'blog' );

Jul 13, 2013 03:45

You need to add CSS to override the styles the colorbox inherited by Foundation or bootstrap .

Note: we are simplifying the CSS of that colorbox in the next version.

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