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"reply to comment" for not logged in users would be fine

Started by on Nov 30, 2017 – Contents updated: Dec 01, 2017

Nov 30, 2017 21:49    


I recognized, that only registered and logged in users can reply to a comment. Others can not. But this is a necessary feature for all to keep the comments trackable and readable.
Would a user answer to my reply to her comment, her comment would be cued at the very end without a visual connection to the comment it refers to. This should be organized like in the forum.
(Although I am convinced this is skin independent, it is briks_skin I am using

This screenshot should illustrate the point:

Nov 30, 2017 21:50

btw. I would appreciate to get the rights to edit my own attachments (eg. to correct mistakes ;-)


Dec 01, 2017 02:18

Should be fixed in v6.9.5.

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