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I recently updated to 7.2.3 and now my profile photo is broken. If I click on it the correct image is shown in a popup, but it shows as broken on the page as well as in Settings. Update: I reinstalled b2evolution and… More »

Jun 21, 2021 10:09  
I was trying to install from b2e to the 7.2.3.... it was hanging on backing up the inc/ directory so I just left it. When I came back, it had timed out and now it's kind of stuck. When I go to /admin.php I get a message: Database schema is not up… More »

Nov 07, 2021 17:58  
Hello there, HELP!! I've created a linkblog and there is only 1 blog that's ever going to be used in the web site. However, I want the linkblog just to show links and not the entire posting. This is what we have currently:… More »

Jun 16, 2006 14:54  
Hi I can't seem to get the Export option to show under the [Maintenance] tab I have > Tools : Import : Testing : Backup : Auto Upgrade according to there should be two other options What am I missing or is… More »

Aug 24, 2021 21:58  
Hi eveyone, I finally got b2evolution working in docker. Still work in progress, but with the example provided it worked for me. Maybe it helps someone, or you could provide feedback about the 'good the bad… More »

Jul 22, 2021 17:44  
Upgrading from: 6.10.6-stable released on Monday, 14 January 2019 Loading module: _core/model/core.install.php Loading module: collections/model/_collections.install.php Loading module: polls/model/_polls.install.php Loading module:… More »

Jul 09, 2021 09:44  
So I have figured almost all of B2Evolution out and its hilariously funky way it does things. I love it. HOWEVER when I edit a post I see a widget for "Text Renderer:". What does it do? Everything I have tried, its had no noticeable effect. More »

Jan 23, 2019 21:27  

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