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[1.9.x] RSS?

Started by on May 25, 2007 – Contents updated: May 25, 2007

May 25, 2007 01:27    

My b2evolution Version: 1.9.x

Sorry, I'm trying to find answers through search first but am coming up empty.

I have never heard of RSS until today. On my sidebar, I see four links like this:

Posts :: Comments
Posts :: Comments

When I click the first "Posts", I see code as well as the entire text of my post.

When I click the first "Comments", I see:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
- <!-- generator="b2evolution/1.9.3"
- <rss version="2.0" xmlns:dc="" xmlns:admin="" xmlns:rdf="" xmlns:content="">
- <channel>
<title>MouseViews - Last comments</title>
<description />
<admin:generatorAgent rdf:resource="" />

When I click the second "Posts" I get a "Rumba Display Error" that says "Page Error: Unable to create temporary storage. Please delete any files in your TEMP directory." When I click OK I get a "WdDspPag.Bin - Application Error" that says "The instruction at "0x77530bad" referenced memory at "0x74616470". The memory could not be "read".

Click Ok to terminate... etc.

When I click the second "Comments", I get what I think is a blank Rumba display, with buttons like "connect" and "hold" at the top, and large buttons like "Line Modify" and "Block Mode" at the bottom.

Like I said, I know nothing about RSS and what it does, but this can't be what I'm supposed to see, is it?

May 25, 2007 05:01

Ok, I changed to the custom skin and I got the same results (though there's more links in this one). To this non-coder that tells me the problem either is somewhere other than the skin, or the problem exists in both skins.

But from searching, it doesn't look like this is a common issue.

In short, I'm still stuck.

May 25, 2007 22:00

I figured out the code to take out to just make the RSS links and icon disappear, so I did that to make the blog presentable. Would still appreicate any tips on truly fixing the issue. I saved the original code.

Thanks again for the help so far.

May 26, 2007 08:03

RSS links are not for people to click on. They are for syndication feed readers. By removing them you deny people the opportunity to subscribe to your blog and get notified when you post something new.

Anyway they're doing what they're supposed to do.

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