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Upgrade from CVS version to "stable"

Started by on May 18, 2004 – Contents updated: May 18, 2004

May 18, 2004 11:05    


First of all excuse me if it sounds stupid, but I need some expert's advice.
I have 0.9 CVS instalation of b2evo. Since the DB shema is up to date, I can't upgrade it to the "stable" using provided upgrade script. How to deal with that? Change mySQL schema number back to previous? Or alter tables? What's the less painfull way.

Anyone could help?

P.S. I know that CVS shouldn't be used in production... I'm a bad boy. :roll:

May 18, 2004 11:27

Change mySQL schema number back to previous? Or alter tables? What's the less painfull way.

You cannot simply change the DB schema, because it would fail then when upgrading (you have the tables already altered somehow).

The only way seems to alter your tables. I would go the way to install a new 0.9 locally, get the table structure (you can get this also from the .PHP files) and look what needs to change..


May 18, 2004 11:32

:) Thanx, blueyed. Apreciate it.
The worst thing that it's not the first time I stuck with this... :oops:

"Don't play with dangerous toys, kiddies..."

May 18, 2004 14:09

mg, you will be stuck with this with every new version, guaranteed!

that's why we keep repeating: don't use CVS development versions in productions: those are not designed to be upgradable (would be twice as much work!)

I don't even run CVS versions on production myself!

Now you must compare the upgarde script of the new release with the upgrade script from your CVS version and then run all differences manually.

May 18, 2004 14:14

Got you, dad... :D
Sometimes, I feel like a real *disaster* to myself... So, excuse me if I cause too much troubles to someone. I'm just too curious how things work. :-/
Cheers, guys!

May 18, 2004 14:17

I'm just too curious how things work.

A local testing / playing webserver can save you a lot of trouble. you could even setup a playing system on a remote server, simply by using different DB tables..

May 18, 2004 14:20

Ok, guys. Lesson learned. This was my mistake. :-/
Thanx forthe feedback.

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