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Updating Data bases and B2evo

Started by on Feb 05, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 05, 2008

Feb 05, 2008 01:45    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

i currently use godaddy's hosting services and am using b2evo 1.10 and my database is using mysql 4.1 and have the wheelz skin. I needed to know what all would be involved if i were to upgrade to 5.0, and the 2.4 version of b2evo. All i could find were things updating the b2evo but not also databases and skins.

Thanx :)

Feb 05, 2008 02:32

Upgrading your installation will upgrade the database at the same time, but it will NOT automagically move you up to php 5.anything. So what you would do is upgrade first your php on your server, then upgrade your b2evolution package. Your 2.4.0 files will notice that the database is from 1.10.3 and not let you use your blog until you follow the upgrade procedure.

Skins are a different thing. VERY different. should get you going along that path?

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