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[Plugin min v3] More Quick Tags

Started by on Mar 05, 2012 – Contents updated: Mar 05, 2012

Mar 05, 2012 00:07    

More Tags is a tiny little toolbar that will let you add some common html markup tags to your blog post. More Tags is NOT a "WYSISYG" editor. Using moretags will show you the markup in your blog post, much like the "quicktags" plugin. After installation, this plugin will create another toolbar under your "quicktags" toolbar that will operate in much the same way: you select the text you want to decorate and click the appropriate button.

[url=]Download v1.0.0[/url]

Originally designed by [url=]EdB[/url]

Mar 07, 2012 07:22

I will check that
I haven't used this plugin since 2008 :)

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