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[4.1.x] Customising A Skin

Started by on Jun 17, 2012 – Contents updated: Jun 17, 2012

Jun 17, 2012 10:24    

My b2evolution Version: 4.1.x

I've started customising this skin (Nautica 21)

if we look at this skin

You see the blogs list and list of pages within that blog are two separate lists.

you see in my hacked skin that the blogs list and the list of pages within the blog are all listed at the top.

I'd like to separate these two lists just like so that the list of blogs appear top left (where they are now) and the pages within the blog appear bottom left

here is a mock up of what I'm trying to achieve

obviously I'll need to hack some files but can anyone tell me which files to look at and what to look for.

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