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Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 09:54     Topic subject: References to static pages

I've only recently started using b2evo, so there's a lot of stuff rolling around in my head. I just generated a couple of static pages for the test blogs (Blog A, Blog B, and Linkblog which I've renamed .blinks).

The pages exist and everything, which is great, but none of the auto links I've run into reference the static pages. The blog links in the category list all go to the dynamic page not the html page, and the bloglist at the top also refers to the dynamic pages.

I used the all words forum search for "categories static" and only had 13 matches, none of which referred to this. What's the quickest/easiest/best way to fix this?

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Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 15:37

What is it that you want?

To have the category links go to your static html cached pages?

That wouldn't make any sense. You can't set querystring vars in a non-dynamic page. Maybe you should check out the [url=]Simple Cache Hack[/url] that ralphy developed.

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Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 02:27

No, no. I know the categories need to be dynamic; plus, there are no static pages for specific category pages. My question concerns the static files that do exist: Blog A, Blog B, Linkblog (as I described before).

From blog 1, the links to the blogs (not the categories) in the categories section (run off of _categories.php) link to instead of

The same goes for the blog list (run off of _bloglist.php). Get it?

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