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2 blogrolls?

Started by on Feb 12, 2004 – Contents updated: Feb 12, 2004

Feb 12, 2004 06:51    

How to have 2 blogrolls? Don't ask what for... :)

Feb 12, 2004 07:36

Either look at multiblogs.php, or copy /skins/_blogroll.php to some other file, and duplicate the contents.

How does that work? :)


Feb 12, 2004 18:43

mg, I'd do it like this, if you're using skins:

1) Set the $blogroll_blog in your stub file or template, or anywhere else, really. (You could use a "_vars.php" page to store this and any other skin variables that you feel like storing.)

2) Also set a $blogroll_blog2 variable, with the blogid of the second blogroll blog.

3) In the include call to _blogroll.php in your skin's _main.php, do it like this:



You could also create a separate "_blogroll2.php" page, and then set up the formatting different for the second one.

In, I basically use the blog 1 (all blogs) as a second blogroll of sorts, since that gives you a list of all the most recent articles. (The links are different, though, since they go to the permalink rather than to bloginfo('url'), and you can customize all that by the way that you build the page that's being included.)

If you use templates, then do like Vegar says, and check out the Multiblogs example.

Feb 17, 2004 05:53

Sorry for so late reply... :)

This is already solved. Thanx both of you. It was easyier than I thought. The problem was that I forgot to enable blogroll. ;)

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