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Category description always on top ?

Started by on Mar 04, 2004 – Contents updated: Mar 04, 2004

Mar 04, 2004 21:43    


I'd like to have a little description which explain each of my categories on top of page when choosing this categorie. This could probably be done by creating a post for each categorie and having it displayed on top.

Any idea of hack or code ?

May 16, 2004 09:15

If you look at the evo_categories table in your database, you'll see columns for an icon, description, and long description. I don't know for sure, but I'd guess that that means that someday you'll be able to enter a short and long description, and a picture, for each category. Then, you could have something like the blog description that'd only show up at the top when it's just one category.

Dec 12, 2005 19:44

Hello, I'm a newbie and I have exactly the same question. One post in a category contains (chronologically) sorted links to all other posts in this category, plus a description of what the category is about, so this post should always be shown on top when one clicks on the category link. Is this possible in any way? I don't know anything about PHP or mySQL, so I didn't really get the reply above this post. The link in this post also seems to be dead.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm eager to learn and will be very grateful for any helpful comments!

Apr 26, 2006 11:03

Still there's no interface to handle category descriptions so I brutally added the following to the _main.php


      request_title( '<h2>', '</h2>' );// ------------------------- TITLE FOR THE CURRENT REQUEST -------------------------
      if ($_REQUEST['cat']) {
        $cat_longdesc = cat_longdesc($_REQUEST['cat']);
        echo $cat_longdesc."<br><br>";

and the function to the evocore/category.funcs.php


function cat_longdesc($cat_ID)
  global $DB, $cache_categories;
//   $cat = get_the_category_by_ID( $cat_ID );
  $sql = "SELECT cat_longdesc
            FROM T_categories
            WHERE cat_ID = $cat_ID";
  $cat_data =  $DB->get_results( $sql, ARRAY_A );
  return $cat_data[0]['cat_longdesc'];

But currently I need to write the description via the DB managment tools

Jun 29, 2006 23:58

Liphtier wrote:

But currently I need to write the description via the DB managment tools

You mean phpMyAdmin? How can we add the description?

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