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Version 6.7.7 CSS 3 validation errors

Started by on Oct 13, 2016 – Contents updated: Oct 15, 2016

Oct 13, 2016 21:32    

Oh! Thought such errors were a thing of the past :(

Hacked [/rsc/build/b2evo_base.bmin.css]

Oct 14, 2016 12:21

Replaced file with original just to get text and put my own edited one back

W3C CSS Validator results for (CSS level 3)
Sorry! We found the following errors (7)
1 a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon Value Error : visibility Too many values or values are not recognized : visible\000000 /
1 Unknown dimension 0\0
1 Parse Error ){a.rollover_sprite:hover span.icon{visibility:visible}}
1 a.roundbutton, a.roundbutton_text, span.roundbutton attempt to find a semi-colon before the property name. add it
1 a.roundbutton, a.roundbutton_text, span.roundbutton Property progid doesn't exist : DXImageTransform
1 a.roundbutton, a.roundbutton_text, span.roundbutton Parse Error DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#f5f5f5', endColorstr='#bababa')}
1 unrecognized media \000000screen \0screen{#styled_content_block span[class*=status_] span,.evo_content_block span[class*=status_] span{top:-15px;left:-2px}}

Oct 15, 2016 11:24

@amoun @fplanque I see all the reports are IE 8 and 9 specific rules (hacks?).

I guess there is not too much to do than to live with them until our IE support is raised to a decent (ehem!, I meant standard &#59;) ) version of that browser.

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