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1 Dec 18, 2012 07:01    

When doing backups, the system displays the status page only after it has fully completed everything. While the backup process is in progress, though, there's no feedback from the system about what it's doing. When the page finally appears, it says all the things one would expect to see appearing little by little - like "System backup is in progress...", then various statuses like "Switching to maintenance mode..." - but the way it is now, we see all that only after the fact. If there's a problem somewhere in the middle, we'll never know. It was the same in v4 as far as I could see.

2 Dec 18, 2012 20:40

Yep, we should send an AJAX call and display its output instead of locking down the main screen.

3 Dec 19, 2012 20:24

No, the backup process has many flush(); calls in it, precisely so that the output is sent out progressively.

If you're not getting progressive output it is because your webserver (apache) or some proxy in the middle is configured to not let you send small packets of info.

No matter what, if there is a problem, you will see it at the end even if you don't get progressive/real time udpating.

I don't want to make the backup more complex than it needs to be. Ajax would only introduce additional failure points.

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