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1 Jul 23, 2014 10:07    

Since I upgraded to 5.1.1 from 5.1.0
Site name that was already there stopped showing, even if I entered it again. It was in Russian.
As I had header and footer, it would actually show all right there but not in Structure - Site!

Also, I have assigned a blog as defaut. And then I renamed that blog. The URL was set to absolute.
Since then, whatever I choose in Structure - Site - default blog -- it's stuck to that first url.

For more, the url was subdomain and subdomains stopped working.
I have the default .htaccess in place, the one that comes with 5.1.1 I think. I don't remeber what I did if anything last time to that file so that subdomains were working.

I REINSTALLED - cleaned up the database again and reinstalled afresh the 5.1.1.

Now If I enter a Russian name in Site name under Structure, I get back the question marks ???????????
And although I see "no blog" for default blog and haven't even tried to touch it yet,
The main page still redirects me to that first url from previous install that doesn't work!
Nor does the new blog. At least with subdomain url.

Which raises the question - where the hell the blog urls and default blog are stored so I can manually edit it? Because Structure - Site settings apparently don't work. The Blog name in Russian is behaving all right, so it apparently concerns only the Site settings.

2 Jul 24, 2014 02:05

I have installed the (yesterday's) version from GItHub repository. Same problems.

Encoding problem in Site Settings - the same applies to Site Short and Long Names. -> ???????? both in admin panel and in the header of the actiual site despite both being UTF8 apparently.
At that, in the database they are shown normally! I see no explanation for this weird effect.

Additionally the site wa displayed in Cyrillic (ISO) encoding for some unimagnable reason, until I selected a default blog to show, so of course, the blog names also looked haywire. I suggest you offer a default of utf8 for such cases.

All of this happens at
You can observe the non-working subdomains at (that's the content with imported old blog that shows on the main page which is an aggregate set to be shown on the front page).
I would really appreciate help on this one issue. I had a working subdomain redirect before by way of adding something to the .htaccess from your manual, which isn't there any more (now it's the same as your blog installs and mod-rewrite has always been my weak spot).

The old stuck subdomain redirect is now gone after I deleted every file on server but then it still worked so I wrote to hosting support and they said empty your browser's cache but the problem was actually already gone. So perhaps it wasn't your side.

3 Jul 24, 2014 02:22

Also, the "Favorite" checkmark seems to work in backward sense. When I uncheck it, the drop-down selector appears with that blog.

4 Jul 24, 2014 12:19

@wildcat it's nice to get feedback from you. Besides the encoding issues with your site, I will try to help you with the other things.

Lets start with the easiest:

@wildcat wrote:

Also, the "Favorite" checkmark seems to work in backward sense. When I uncheck it, the drop-down selector appears with that blog.

That's exactly how favorties are supposed to work. The links to favorited collections are directly displayed in the bar, and the non-favorited ones are displayed in a dropdown menu. This manual page has been recently updated with some screenshots to extend this subject:

Regarding your sub-domain issues, this page ( explains all that you need to know about it, even the .htaccess file configuration is explained here. However, please take a look of this one first: The basic steps on this are:

1) Make all your domains and sub-domains open the main page (yes, all of them must go to the same page on this step).
2) Edit the URLs of each one of your collections to match with the correct domain or subdomain.

6 Jul 24, 2014 13:24

@wildcat I finally was able to reproduce your encoding related issue (shown in your screenshot above), now I can report it properly. I'll try to find and share a fix as soon as possible.


7 Jul 24, 2014 21:45

Thank you for getting back to me and repeating me those doc urls. I think I couldn't find the 2nd one (example) this time, as opposed to the one when I set up the subdomains successfully. However I'm pretty sure I didn't touch cPanel's aliases and I'm on shared hosting. I thought I did something to .htaccess but now I realise perhaps my previous server's Apache setup was different? (from where they moved me by my request due to that MySQL problem)... Anyway, I have already contacted my hosting provider for this issue out of desperation. With a little luck, he'll set me up in httpd.conf or whatever the needed way!

For the Favorite checkmark, I thought as much but the blog also remained on the panel, so obviously this confused me. I mean, someone of us should check if it works 100% (there is a chance I tried it on the main blog, that's why it didn't go away?)

Remains the ugly Site name problem. I can't write it in Russian actually as I need. Most annoying to the date.

The rest begins to look brighter. And I almost gave up there a few days ago. If I can also figure out how to make use of multilanguage, it'll be probably worth the still lots of efforts I'll have to put into this before it has all the features I need (social integration and skins).

8 Jul 26, 2014 13:54

Hello @wildcat, I have deleted the comment you wrote in the other post.

This is just to confirm you that one of the developers found the source of the encoding issue you reported, and made a quick fix too. However, I rather wait until the peer verification before to share it here, just to be sure that everything is ok and we won't introduce new issues.

I can't say when we will get an answer, but it is already marked as top priority. So maybe on monday I'll back to you.


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