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1 Jun 08, 2018 17:17    

I moderate my comments at the moment. If users leave a comment, I need to make it public.

To make a comment public, I need to click on the button under the comment. And with every click the status of the comment will get higher - until it is public.

I need a button with an arrow where I can choose the state of the comment.

And the next feature will be similiar:
A checkbox on the left side of every comment in the overview. I will check the box and can choose at the bottom, what I want to do with the chccked comments - delete, change the state to public or so on.

That would be an easier access to comments.

2 Jun 14, 2018 14:27

Hi Just to confirm your issue though I don't have much of a problem with the comment status alteration method.

I'm wondering what the default status is as if the blog is only visible to members then set the comments one status lower, then it only needs on e click, vis a vis whatever other status the viewable blog is.

The second option seems more useful, being bale to change multiple comments at once. There is a [Mass Delete] button, but I have used it, so I wonder if it allows clicking on each comment before deletion :)

3 Jun 15, 2018 21:21

I need to click the way I described to get a comment visible.
I don't know your blogs or settings of it.

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