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1 Oct 22, 2018 18:17    

[6.10.3] Blacklist and Spam list do not work correct

today I want to block a domain and put it in the antispam list so I choose the flash icon in the comment list in the backend. And correct the domain to "" and see as the screenshot shows (at the bottom there are checked the entries "Blacklist the keyword" and "Report the Keyword" too).

And I start the action. And it works. And works ... and doesn't ended. So I click "Close" (Schlie├čen). But it is not reported nor blacklisted now.

So I guess it is a bug?

This will works correctly if I choose "System > Antispam" and "Check and block" it there.

3 Nov 03, 2018 19:03

@fplanque wrote earlier:

Missing webhost info. Probably blocked domain.

Nope, I'm hosting myself. There is no blocked Domain. As I said - the overlay does not works correctly. If I got the same about the menu "System > Antispam" ... it works correct. Same from my mobile. On the mobile the overlay is not responsible - some parts are not reachable (Button at the bottom and so on).

4 Nov 03, 2018 21:32

I cannot reproduce this. Please make a full screenshot showing where the flash icon you're clicking on is located.

5 Nov 04, 2018 20:38

Hi @fplanque ,

this is the screenshot you asked for. I hope, this will help.

6 Nov 04, 2018 22:49

Thank you for the screenshot. I hadn't tried it specifically on this page indeed. However, I confirm the reporting works correctly on this page too.

7 Nov 05, 2018 17:10

On this page I got the overlay which does not work correct - see the screenshot above.

If I go to the menu "System > Antispam" (in the german version) I can check the name/URL manually and all will works correct.

8 Nov 05, 2018 17:39

I rephrase what I said above: I cannot reproduce the problem, even when using the same flash icon as you showed on your screenshot.

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