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1 Feb 13, 2016 00:14    

The embedded YT plug in in my b2evolution version does not recognise URLs like

Both are valide links to the same video which are working. This should be converted through the plug in too.

3 Feb 13, 2016 03:33

Yes, I know, the ID only will works. But there is written " ... or URL" - and this kind of complete URLs will not work. That's all ;)

4 Feb 13, 2016 13:44


Yes, it seems that the youtube function which analyze the complete URL is out of date.

If you have not solved this issue and eager to deal with it as quickly as possible, please replace the code of plugins\videoplug_plugin\_videoplug.plugin.php at line 206

regexp_URL = /^(.+\?v=)?([a-z0-9_?=-]+)$/i;
regexp_URL = /^(.+\/)?([a-z0-9_?=-]+)$/i;

It will be ok.

6 Feb 15, 2016 17:47

Yes, I only viewed the share button URL but forgot to examine the address bar URL which is also containing the ID with the type of "watch?v=".
Thank you for reminding me.

7 Feb 15, 2016 18:03

Hi @mgsolipa ,
We need to add one situation which shared URL is like :

10 Mar 04, 2016 19:55

What is Is it official?

Does anyone have a link to some official info about using this domain/URL?

11 Mar 04, 2016 20:01

Yes @fplanque, it's a bit hidden but official.

Please, see screenshot below.


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